UE4JAM Submission – Spring Into Action – Angry Angry Dad

LINK – https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?140995-Spring-UE4jam-Submission-Thread!&p=689689&viewfull=1#post689689

Known bugs:

Dish washing – sometimes the mouse becomes really insensitive to movement making that chore unbeatable (we aren’t sure what causes this bug)

Fixing pipes – you got to click on the screen to see your mouse input and click anywhere after the chore to get your camera controls back

*Very rare* When rocking the baby to sleep, there’s a chance you get out of the mini game and the baby game/UI/sounds gets stuck on the screen (also not sure what causes this bug)

Jar opening – you got to be in front of the wife to succcessfully interact with her and she’s facing the wrong way


E – interact with objects/drink beer
WASD – to move
hold RIGHT CLICK – to control camera

It’s football season, watch tv and be sure to watch those goals or you’ll get stressed out faster.

Also keep your needy family happy or they’ll keep nagging you – which also stresses you out.

Goals happen when you hear cheering from the TV, you must sit down for 5 seconds (or until GOAL appears on screen) to successfully watch the goal.

Finally, yes the game is beatable!

Went a little crazy with taking photos of characters because, why not. Needed to fill the walls of the house somehow!

Also! Someone played our game and posted it on youtube! I can’t understand german but his reactions and auto translate was priceless :D.


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