Character sculpting dailies!

So I started practicing head sculpts everyday. Or trying to.

This one was done a few days ago.


After having done so many male characters, this was an attempt at a cartoony female (Creepy… >_<). It didn’t go so well.



Since it went horribly wrong I went and followed Matt Thorup’s tutorial Learnt some new techniques particularly with dynameshing bits together and a new method for creating lips! The following was the outcome.

So I went ahead and created another female character after learning some new techniques from the tutorial mentioned previously and here’s the result! Somehow got in the mood to polypaint and play with lighting. Rendered in ZBrush and put together in Photoshop.


And here’s a male speed sculpt from today.


Side note
We won the addiction award for the Megajam \o/!


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