UE4JAM Test run

Sooo another jam, another test run.

Before that! I modelled more of that AK-47…though sneakly in Maya. I think it would be better to develop more assets first for my portfolio (which is a suuuuper high priority right now!).


No it’s not optimized yet. That’s the next step. Though a test run for the next UE4 game jam put this project on hold again!

So this time it’s some sort of ‘provide distraction for the main character to reach his destination’ kind of game! Except the main character is not very bright and just runs along the path without much regard to patrols. With the random generated theme being “War Idol” we used World War 2 as a scene for our game and the theme being that the main character “Lemmy” runs to the destination and you as the player work hard to try and save him from getting spotted. However he reaches the end and takes all the credit.

So here’s Lemmy and his veeery white teeth. Made in under 12 hours (not actual working time).



And here’s the enemy soldier for patrols. This also took under 12 hours but not actual working hours.


And here are the various props I made for the city.






And here’s the screenshot of the city! The character rigging and animation along with all the assets not shown here are made by Paulius Rumsa.





Going to figure out how to use lighting in Unreal Engine 4. This exposure changing is annoying as it makes the city look really dark.


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