Working on my survivor character again!

I’ve left her for some time now it’s time to go and actually finish her up.

I tweaked her face a little and made her neck a little wider (I think it was far too narrow before).2015-08-30_19h31_20




I’m hoping to use this opportunity to learn how to use 3DS max and Marvelous Designer while I’m at it. So the plan is to create an AK-47 in 3DS max and a leather jacket in Marvelous Designer for this character. So as a ZBrush/Maya user, I’ve managed to create this In 3DS max!


This is quite embarrassing. I have to say the controls are going to be difficult to get used to. I’ve used 3DS max, marvelous designer, Maya and ZBrush today and they all seem to have different controls for camera and panning just to make life more difficult.

I was also hoping to practice designing and modelling stylized characters. Everything I create (especially for game jams or random concepts) end up learning towards the realism in terms of overall look and proportions. But I must focus and finish this one character and the scene she’ll be set in and polish it nicely before anything else!


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