72 hour test run!

A group of us decided to do a practice run for Ludum Dare to see how well we work together and to see if can establish workflows to avoid any nasty surprises.

Here’s some assets created for the game.


Hamster #1. Original texture. Had to rework it to make it match the other assets though.

2015-07-24_17h33_11 2015-07-24_17h32_29

2015-07-24_17h32_42 2015-07-24_17h32_51

2015-07-24_17h32_58 2015-07-24_17h33_06

Poop! (Before you say anything I know hamster poop doesn’t look like this but I couldn’t resist!)

2015-07-24_17h34_21 2015-07-24_17h34_12

Some other assets.


2015-07-24_17h35_32 2015-07-24_17h35_45

Ingame screenshot. Very much work in progress still!


Few lessons to remember before the next project.

  • Stick to bipedal characters! (as the rigger/animator on this project advised!)
  • Practice some more retopology to avoid all the normal map baking issues all over again (needed more edge loops in certain areas)
  • For time based projects such as these. Simple texture work is best if there are going to be a lot more assets.

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